How to become a water drinker with tips from @momminwithcoffee

How to Drink more water

You don’t drink enough water do you? It’s ok, I’ve been there too. My whole life I’ve hated water. Seriously. Growing up it was always sweet tea or Dr Pepper. That’s it, two options. Until coffee was added into adulthood. Ok honestly I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was a kid – it’s in …

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6 steps to take when feeling overwhelmed text - leather couch with blanket on it
Mindset Motivation

How to stop feeling overwhelmed

How to stop feeling overwhelmed When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I sometimes get into a funk. And that’s exactly what I call it. I’m never feeling sad but I’m mentally exhausted. I can’t seem to get anything done except lay around and live in the future; instead of being present like I’ve talked about doing before. …

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