Love over laundry : Motherhood and Housekeeping.

choosing love over laundry : motherhood and housekeeping

There is nothing more refreshing to me than for all of the housework to be done before I go to bed at night.

That’s when all the kids are asleep and the house can stay clean for longer than point five seconds. It brings a feeling of calm to me and I end my day on a positive note. I sleep better and I wake up to enjoy a clean house while I have my fresh cup of coffee. Ahh, the simple joys of motherhood.

Tonight I finished the dishes around 10 pm and then walked past my growing pile of laundry. I was on my way to nurse the baby back to sleep and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of guilt.

“Ugh, you’ve been slacking again. Why can’t you stay on track with your one load a day rule?”

I started thinking about my parenting and asked myself what had I been doing for the past few hours.

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Putting our kids first and ourselves last

The kind of friend I am right now

Well, I had to nurse the baby before I could get dinner started.

Then I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room as I was prepping that. And then I wrangled the oldest two into the living room to start cleaning up their mess. Of course I was having to direct their every move and keep them focused on the task at hand.

And then I remembered a post I saw shared on facebook the other day.

“Housekeeping is not Motherhood”

Housekeeping is not motherhood
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That one statement definitely took a load off my shoulders.

Then I thought about the fact that I’m the one who put that load there to begin with.

Josh always helps me with the housework and he never bitches about the house if it’s not clean when he gets home. He knows how hard housework is when you have small kids in the house and if he’s working too much to help me, I get behind.

I know “homemaker” is technically my “job”, but we would both prefer that I spend most of my time focused on the kids and giving them my undivided attention. Rather than keeping up with the housework all day long.

But the thing is, I am cleaning something all day long.

It’s just never ending because we have a busy household of five.

We’re eating all day long, we have clean clothes to change into.

We have a home to spend time together in, making messes and memories.

So why have I put this workload on myself that the house has to be perfectly clean all day long or else I’m a terrible, lazy mom?

Housekeeping has nothing to do with my capabilities as a mother.

I hope that this post reminds you of that just like that one Facebook post did for me.

It would be nice to have a clean house all day long, but that won’t happen until after our kids are 30 and have a home of their own. Maybe.

So it’s ok if the laundry is piled up and you haven’t got to sort it yet.

You’re still a good mom.

In fact, I think you’re a better mom because your house is a mess. That means your children are playing all day and doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing – making a mess and making memories.

You probably sat down to rock the baby instead of starting the laundry and I’m proud of you – for choosing love over laundry.

-Lauren <3

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choosing love over laundry
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