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Meet Amaris. momminwithcoffee.com

Come meet our new brand photographer.

I’m so, so excited to be writing this post and announcing my very first collaboration on the blog, Mommin’ with Coffee. For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking about what direction I wanted to go in for my first collab. I didn’t really know where to start or what I should be looking for. But I did know everything I knew I wanted for the blog was being manifested into the universe.

I clearly defined my goals and plans. I sent out those good vibes and instead of searching for that energy, I let it come to me. And that’s exactly how this collab happened.

As most of you probably know, photography is a big part of branding and creating content. As a brand new content creator, I don’t have a portfolio of personal photos built up just yet. I usually spend my time hunting the internet for beautiful photos, taken by photographers from all over the world, to use as part of my brand.

Late last night I was up working and hunting for photos when an idea came to me. I thought about a wonderful photographer that I had connected with through Instagram.

Her photos are BEAUTIFUL, family oriented, warm, and give off all of those self love vibes I’m looking for. I knew that they would be perfect for my brand and what I’m trying to create.

So, I sent her a message with my idea, and she loved it!

Without further ado I introduce,


She is a moon loving, hippie mama of 3 – just like me! So of course we connected through motherhood right away. She and her hubby live on a farm in Australia with their beautiful babies.

She is the owner and content creator over at Amaris Crystal Photography.

She is all about self love and empowering the women around her! Amaris is on a mission that is similar to mine. She enjoys uplifting and motivating everyone she comes in contact with. Amaris is a really positive person to have on your feed and I know you guys will enjoy connecting with her, just as I have.

She specializes in photographs of families, weddings, and branding sessions. You can check out her website here.

Be sure to connect with Amaris on Instagram, as well as her personal Instagram because her feed is a dream! You can also see more of her family and their Australian, country livin’ life on Youtube!

Amaris and I will be working together to create beautiful and motivating content. Isn’t it awesome how we can connect and work with people from all over the world?! Thanks, social media!

I’m honored to be able to share her art and have it representing my work.

Talk to you again soon!

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