My top 5 gift ideas for one year olds.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we recently had a birthday party for my one year old son and four year old daughter. We did a joint party for both, complete with a bounce house and lots of pizza. The party was so laid back and such a blast for everyone! The kids both got some really awesome gifts and the greatest thing about the gifts, they BOTH like each of these toys. I’m sharing my top 5 gift ideas for one year olds up to age 4! If you’re needing to buy something for a 1 through 4 year old then this is the perfect post for you, my friend.

And to top it off – you can order all of these right on Amazon Prime and have them shipped straight to you, usually within a day or two.

Yup! Score, right? So lets get to those gift ideas.

Gift ideas for one year olds

Disclaimer : As an amazon associate I may earn commission from qualifying purchases made through links in this blog post, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I truly love and use.

1. Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set  

First of all, this set is adorable! If your little one loves to help out around the house (don’t they all?), this is the perfect set up for them. This play cleaning set comes with a broom, a mop, a dustpan and brush, plus a duster. It also comes with a stand to hold them all. They’re lightweight and the perfect size for little hands.

Even my 7 year old likes to get in on the action and use this pretend cleaning set. Melissa & Doug recommend this gift for 3-6 year olds, but I personally think they’re great for 1-7 year olds. It all just depends on the kid I guess!

2. VTech Latches & Doors Busy Board

This one is sure to keep any toddler busy. It has multiple ‘latches and doors’ to help with fine motor skills and curiosity. I was surprised at how much my 4 year old loved this gift, even though it was originally gifted to my 1 year old. They both have a great time sitting down with it and working out the “puzzles”.

It has a music mode that teaches the ABC’s, numbers 1 through 5, and has sound effects when the doors open and close. Another thing I like about it is the carrying handle at the top!

3. Melissa & Doug Farm Matching Puzzle

Speaking of puzzles, this wooden farm set is the cutest. Wooden puzzles are always a hit and you can’t go wrong with gifting one. My 1 year old is really big into fitting things where they belong, like picking up and putting in the bath tub drain 5 million times. This puzzle also helps with fine motor skills. Learning through play is the best way. Any parent will be glad to have this puzzle for their little one!

There are tons of different puzzles option to choose from so make sure to look around on Amazon!

4. First Builders MegaBloks 

Another one you can’t go wrong with is Megabloks. Honestly even my 7 year old still loves to play with them. We’ve always had a collection of Megabloks going and we continue to add to it. You can even add on a building table for even more fun.

5. Fisher Price Learning Tablet 

My oldest two have iPad minis that they got for birthdays when they were around two. We love them because they can watch Netflix and try these kid proof cases)

We didn’t want my youngest to feel left out, so he got his very own learning tablet. This Fisher Price tablet has 3 different settings so the fun doesn’t stop. Now he won’t have to steal the kids iPad’s when they aren’t looking!

So there you have it!

Those are my top 5 gift ideas for one year olds. Remember, these are great gifts for up to four years old (and some even 7 years!). If you have more recommendations, please drop them in the comments! We’re always on the hunt for new and exciting toys.

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