Why I Believe God Called Me To Homeschool.

A lot of you look at me and see a perfect mom who can do it all. You imagine me having it all together because I “look so good on Facebook.”

Well I’m here to tell you, that’s not my life at all.

I am just like you. I have struggles. I have fears. I yell at my kids when they’re being heathens. My dishes and laundry pile up. I question my parenting skills a few times a day.

I even question if I can really homeschool my kids.

I question why He chose me. I’m just an average mom. I’m not the smartest person alive, I went to public school, and I didn’t know the smallest thing about homeschooling.

Obviously, I’m doing it and I’m not letting those fears hold me back

But that’s because my faith is bigger than all my fears.

I know God called me to homeschool. I know He will not let me fail.

I know it’s going to be learning process the whole way through.

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But even still, I worry.

I worry that I made the wrong choice. I worry that my oldest will hate me because I took him “away” from his friends. I worry that I won’t be able to teach him (or the other kids) as well as the school could.

But then, I look at what’s happening. I see that my son still has friends and play dates. I see that now we have the opportunity to have friends of all ages, not just “grade level” friends.

I see that we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with like minded families.

I see that even though my son talks about missing his school friends, he tells me that his new nightmare is “school without mommy”.

I see how often he has been thanking me for “taking care of them” and how he loves not missing out on anything at home.

I see that public education isn’t the only “normal” way to learn. I see how much my son is learning everyday while he’s with me, just through conversation even.

I see how he is thriving at home. I see how much happier he is. I see how calm his anxiety has been.

I see that by teaching him at home I’m able to spend time shaping his mind and morals. At home he as the opportunity to be less influenced by peers and pressure at school.

I know you may say “well you can’t shelter him forever”

Well, no shit….but I can prepare him. And I can teach him our right from wrong. I can teach him to be a leader and not a follower.

So that once he’s out and “unsheltered” he will have the mindset to be stronger than peer pressure. P.S my children aren’t sheltered and I know you can teach these things even with public schooling.

But you don’t have to be thrown into the jungle to be taught how to survive.

At home I can shape my children up to who God created them to be.

God chose me to be their mother. He chose me to educate my kids at home.

And when you have a calling from God, there’s no denying it. You can’t because of how strong and undeniable the calling is.

I prayed for more patience everyday and then God told me to homeschool. Ha.

So, even with all the naysayers who doubt homeschooling, even with all the doubt in my mind, even with all the unknown ahead of us, we will continue to thrive at home and do what God called us to do.

Homeschooling is our new normal.

If you feel you’ve been called to homeschool, but you’re still having doubts, I invite you to read Homeschool Bravely by Jamie Erickson.

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