A Life Changing Tip For Moms

All of us moms (more than likely) have one thing in common. Whether you work outside of the home or not, we typically all start our day with an early morning. It probably isn’t by choice, but you’re up bright and early everyday dragging your feet, moaning and groaning, wishing for 5 more minutes. I know because I’m the same way. I’m going to tell you my life changing tip for moms.

Well that’s an easy fix for you right, Lauren? You stay at home so there’s no need for you to get up so early?”

Ha. Wrong.

First of all, my kids wake up early regardless of what time I think we should. And anybody with kids knows that’s the truth. Kids give no f****. Suns up (or not) so time for the madness to begin.

My daughter is the only one who “sleeps in” and that’s only till 8am at the latest.

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If I wait for the kids to wake up and then get out of bed, I’m in for a long morning.

Let me set the scene.

I roll out of bed to the sounds of my middle child crying a horrendous noise (she does this every morning because she is NOT a morning person). I take her pull up off with my eyes half opened and help her get dressed before I have to change and dress the baby.

Then I quickly (ok using slow sloth like movements) drag myself to the coffee pot while trying to dodge the 50 questions game already starting.

I start trying to clean up, get breakfast together, compose myself, take a potty break, and take care of the needs of my 3 little people.

That is a rough way to wake up and start your day.

Over time I’ve learned a tip for moms that changed all of that. It makes my mornings so much calmer.

I wake up happier and more patient.

No more dragging to the coffee pot. Ok honestly I’m usually still dragging.

But, either way, this trick has solved 9/10 of my early morning mom problems.

The trick is to wake up before the kids.

Yup. That’s it.

The magical tip for moms is to wake up before the kids wake up.

You’re probably thinking “no way Jose. My kids wake up at 6am.”

That doesn’t matter. Wake up at 5:30 and check out what kind of difference that 30 minutes makes to your day. Heck even fifteen minutes makes a difference. Trust me.

I’m going to tell you why.

When we rush out of bed to the sounds of our kid(s), we’re rushing to meet their needs (as we always do of course).

But in that moment, we totally lose ourselves and our patience.

Are you a morning person? I surely am not.

When I wake up, I’m still tired because I have a nursing, cosleeping one year old (so that’s self explanatory why I don’t sleep well).

I always need to pee, crack my neck, and put on a sweater because I’m freezing after having the AC on full blast all night. I would love to brush my teeth and wash my face.

Check my emails and social media without interruptions. Drink my coffee in peace. Maybe even read a page or two of the book I’m on.

Even though I’m not a morning person, I would love to focus on me for just 15-30 minutes. Before I start rushing to the needs of everyone else for the day.

That’s what I get to do when I wake up before the kids.

If I’m up before them, I’m able to do all of those things ALONE. In the quiet.

Ahhhh, it’s so relaxing.

Once I’m up and have my needs taken care of, I’m so much more patient. I’m awake. And the coffee has kicked in by the time that horrendous morning cry from Mia starts happening lol.

In my opinion, I’m a better mom when I wake up before the kids.

Focusing on me for a few minutes is a fantastic way to start the day.

Make the most out of your mornings.

As moms we often forget about ourselves. Taking that extra time for us makes a world of difference.

Sure it’s hard to pull yourself up out of bed when you could have 30 more minutes of sleep, but don’t you feel more groggy when you do that?

Set an alarm, wake up when it goes off, avoid the snooze, and get out of bed.

Start slow.

That’s the beauty of waking up before the little humans. Everything is slow.

I challenge you to set an alarm for tomorrow morning and give this tip for moms a try. Be sure to come back to this post and let me know how to worked for you!

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A tip for moms. How to make the most out of your mornings

4 thoughts on “A Life Changing Tip For Moms

    1. I’ll admit, I’m not always successful lol but I creep out of bed as quietly as possible. I’ll usually close my kids door and that helps. I do everything slowly and gently. That way I’m not rushing myself and the kids usually never hear me! The baby will wake up sometimes when I sneak out of bed, but I can usually nurse him back to sleep and try again! (If I don’t fall asleep again 😉)

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