What I’ve Learned My First Month Of Homeschooling.

Our daily routine homeschooling

I shared this post yesterday giving everyone a glimpse into our daily homeschool life. It’s our first month of homeschooling and we’re still figuring out what works best for us. The list above is the daily routine (or outline/guide) we’ve been sticking to so far.

What I didn’t share was how blah and out of wack our mid afternoon gets. 

Josh comes home for lunch and we completely get off track. We eat lunch and hang out for an hour, and then usually Isaac is ready for another nap. 

He and I go off to my bed so he can nurse to sleep while the older 2 kids are either finishing up lunch, playing, or watching tv in the living room. 

While laying down with Isaac, I have that mid afternoon crash and just want to be lazy. 

So then I try to perk myself up with an afternoon cup of coffee. 

But for the past two weeks now, we’ve seen nothing but rain. 

And coffee + rain = relax and chill vibes

While I am a fan of rain, I’m not really a fan of raining for two weeks straight while I’m trying to homeschool 3 kids. And because of the “relax and chill” vibes it gives me lol.

We’ve just about colored and GoNoodled and chilled ourselves out.

This isn’t exactly how I pictured our afternoons homeschooling. 

The way I envision our afternoons are out in the front yard every day having picnics on the patio. Soaking up as much vitamin D as a we can for a few hours. 

I imagine zoo trips and walk to the park days. 

But right now with the rain, those visions are being washed down the drain. Literally. 

This is the reason seasonal depression happens. 

We’re cooped up in the house, avoiding the cold, rainy weather. Missing out on vitamin D (which is SO important for your health).Even homebodies get sick of being at home sometimes. 

But, I can’t control Mother Nature so I’m using this opportunity, and these rainy, chill, writer inspiring vibes, to really plan out our goals for our first year of homeschooling. 

I’m taking my time reading blogs that I find on Pinterest, checking out other homeschooling moms afternoon routines and more about what their year looks like.

I’m really diving into my thoughts and asking myself, “what do I want to achieve.”

But, I don’t like to think too far ahead because I want to live in the moment and always try to go with the flow. 

I do want to have some sort of guide handy though. I want to be able to quick glance at a notebook and see my expectations. What type of skills and goals I want us to accomplish as a family. 

I want to be able to see where we’re at and what we’re doing. Being able to glance and mentally check stuff off.

My goals on that guide, for our first year of homeschool, are all looking a lot different. 

One of the goals is for my almost 8 year old to master multiplication. 

Master is used loosely. Right now I have no definition on what “master” means for him.  He does really well in math so I think he will catch on rather quickly, but even if he doesn’t that’s ok. 

The great thing about homeschooling is that we’re always going to go at our own pace. 

My daughter is about to be 4 so our main focus right now is recognizing and writing her ABC’s. 

The biggest goal of all is to have fun together. 

You see, I’m not focused just on academics and making sure my kids know right from wrong. 

I am also focused on making memories. 

For too long now we’ve ran on the same schedule of NEVER. HAVING. TIME. FOR. ANYTHING. 

Wake up, get dressed, early AM school drop off with a baby crying in the backseat, errands and then waiting for the 3PM pick up. 

We got home, did homework, cook dinner, have family time when dad got home, eat, take baths, then went to bed. 

Just to wake up and make sure we did it all over again. 

“But kids thrive on routine.” 

I know. 

“Adults need routines too.”


And guess what, you can still have all of that with self discipline. You can still have a routine, be productive, and stay on track. 

It takes a lot of mindfulness and willpower and that keep trying attitude, yes. 

But you can do it. 

Anyone can do it. 

Whether you’re in your first month of homeschooling, public educating, or just preparing for when you have kids, know that you can do it. 

You don’t have to have a 9-5 schedule to stick to a routine or accomplish goals.

Self awareness and self discipline is all you need.

Start your personal development journey so that you can strengthen your mind and accomplish self discipline. 

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