Is Too Much Screen Time Affecting Your Family?

Are you being conscious of your family’s screen time?

When’s the last time you got off your phone and played with your kids?

When’s the last time you had the kids get off their iPad and go outside?

Do you make sure you give your attention to your kids and not your phone when they are talking to you? Do expect the same treatment back?

These are things we should be asking ourselves everyday, multiple times a day.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say that I have a perfect family and we never stick an iPad in front of our kid.

In our house, we love technology and screen time. We have iPads, iPhones, laptops, TVs, rokus, Xbox, you name it.

But we’re a conscious family that makes sure we take plenty of breaks from technology.

We know when it’s time to say, “ok we need a break. Let’s put these phones down and go play outside.” Or “hey let’s talk. Let’s have a real conversation.”

It’s not a free for all. We have rules when it comes to screen time.

We don’t allow iPads at the dinner table (With the exception of sometimes at a restaurant).

We expect responsibilities to be handled throughout the day to earn screen time. (I have to clean the house before I scroll Pinterest, so why shouldn’t my kids?)

We put the iPads away before bed. Keeping them in your kids room might just tempt them to stay up all night after you’ve gone to bed.

We don’t let ourselves become Apple Zombies.

Now if it were up to the kids, they’d be on them all day with no limits. But that isn’t healthy and we all know it.

The kids fuss that it’s not fair of course, but what do kids know about fair?

If one of your struggles as a parent, is giving into your kids because they scream that isn’t fair, stop it right now.

Stop feeling guilty because you’re not here to be their friend. We’re here to do what’s best for them. They don’t yet know what’s best for them.

We are in the day and age where technology is going to be apart of our life whether we like it or not.

But we have to remember to not become so addicted that we let it interfere with our parenting, our relationships, our household, or our jobs.

And we have to remember to teach our kids that technology isn’t everything.

Our kids still need us to sit down with them and play or read. We still need to sit down and TALK to our kids.

That is how our children learn.

They learn through conversation and play.

They learn by exploring nature and going out to see the world.

Sure, there are educational apps and tv shows that I love, but it’s not what I rely on. And you shouldn’t either.

My advice is to start being more conscious of your screen time. iPhones and iPads have a handy tool now that lets you see exactly how many hours a day your on your phone. Set it up and use it.

You’ll probably be shocked at how often you’re scrolling social media. Same for your kids and their tablets.

Have certain times for watching tv like early mornings, after lunch, or after dinner.

For every hour that you spend on your phone, spend an hour outside or reading as a family.

Think about the things you did growing up, and teach your kids to do the same.

Be more conscious.

Peace, love, technology 🤳🏻

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