How To Use Self Therapy For Anxiety.

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For the past few days, my therapy has failed me. Every time I go to start writing in my journal, I can’t. I start out with a sentence or two and then immediately scratch it.

You see, when I write a blog post, it’s because I have something stuck in my head that I want to talk about. So I get those thoughts out with words on paper or my iPhone notepad.

But I go through these phases, or cycles, where my mind is so scrambled that it’s jumping from thing to thing to thing. I can’t stay focused on one subject or thing for longer than a few seconds.

For days, it’s like my mind will completely stop thinking about one thing and jump to the next. So, I don’t have time to process all of the thoughts and things I want or need to talk about.

And it happens for days at a time. It’s very tiring.

Which also means too much stimulation is going to make me even more anxious and irritable.

I often wonder if anyone else deals with these same cycles or if it’s just me.

But every once in a while, I get to have a conversation with someone else who is feeling the same exact way.

Using this blog to share my thoughts and a little bit about what I go through has connected me with so many friends who deal with similar issues. And guess what – they’ve all felt alone as well.

If you’re going through hell,  keep going

I want to talk to you about how I deal with my anxiety during those cycles.

Because not everyone knows how to deal with anxiety and a racing mind.

Writing is my therapy and how I deal with my anxiety.

It allows me to express myself and get out all of those thoughts bouncing around in my head. And when I can’t do that, I feel like I’m missing therapy and it reaaaaally messes with my emotions.

For the past few days, that’s how it’s been for me. But luckily right now as I’m writing this, I’m pulling myself from that current cycle. After days of trying and failing, I’m finally working out my emotions.

Everyone has a different form of therapy.

Art, music, dance, boxing, or talking to a professional are all examples of therapy and positive outlets. Those are all forms of healing. Of course there are plenty more forms of expressing yourself, you just have to find what you like.

Unfortunately, there are negative outlets too, which always do more damage than good. This can be drugs, fighting, drinking, cheating, or any other self sabotaging hobbies.

It’s hard to break free from those negative outlets once you fall into them. But the people who are in that cycle need to hear our stories of healing so they can see that the cycle can be broken.

It’s the proof they need to see they ARE stronger than their demons. Proof that there are better ways to heal and work issues out.

Running from your thoughts, pain, or anxiety isn’t the way.

But you have to stand up and realize that you are the only one who can heal your soul.

You have to first help yourself before anyone else will be able to help you. You are the one who will make the biggest difference in your life.

It starts with you breaking the cycle and finding your positive outlet to express your pain into some form of art. Find your craft. Focus on developing yourself into a better, stronger person.

Everything happens on a mental level before it does physical. Your personal development journey really starts with you being positive about yourself.

Happiness is up to us

Your actions will follow your thoughts.

If you’re struggling to break the cycle, just know that it can be hard to pull yourself from the rut.

It takes persistence. It takes failing and retrying again and again.

But you can do it.

I promise. I know from experience.

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Tell me, do you have a form of self therapy?

How to find a positive healing outlet

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  1. I agree that writing is such a powerful way to get the swirling thoughts out of your head so you can make sense of them. That’s awesome that you have found this as the therapy that works for you.

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