The Kind of Friend I Am Right Now.

This is the kind of friend I am right now.

Every day I make plans in my head to sit down and hang out with each one of my friends soon.

I plan to text every friend who pops into my head throughout the day and say “hey I’m thinking about you. I hope your day is fabulous and I miss you.”

Every single day I think of every one who is dear to my heart.

But then somebody spills a drink.

And then somebody needs a butt wiped.

And then the baby starts crying.

And then I forget.

Right now, I’m mama 24/7. I don’t work outside of the home so this is me all day every day.

Every single day I’m playing, loving, cleaning, rocking, wiping butts, wiping tears (sometimes even my own), singing, sweeping, worrying, cooking, snacking, driving, mothering, and 5 million other things.

And I love it.

But I am so tired and so forgetful.

But my heart is so full doing all of these things.

So if you think that I don’t love you anymore, I do.

If you think I don’t want to hang out with you, I do.

If you think that I don’t plan to invite you over soon, I really do.

I just have a million distractions and 3 tiny humans depending on me right now.

One day my house won’t be so loud.

It won’t be so busy.

And there won’t be nap and bed time schedules.

There won’t be a need to find a babysitter to sit down for an hour of quiet.

And then I’ll get to text you on a random Tuesday and go to lunch just because we can.

Until then, I’ll see ya soon friend ❤️ promise!

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