Drink More Water : Simple Tips To Boost Your Water Intake

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You don’t drink enough water do you? It’s ok, I’ve been there too. My whole life I’ve hated water. Seriously. Growing up it was always sweet tea or Dr Pepper. That’s it, two options. Until coffee was added in with adulthood. Ok honestly, I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was a kid – it’s in my DNA! Haha, but today I’m going to teach you how to drink more water and LIKE IT. That’s right, how to learn to enjoy water.

I know you’ve heard all the same lines I have like, “how do you not like water? Everybody likes water”

No, not everybody likes it. I just don’t ok, leave me alone haha. If you get it, you get it. But seriously! These days I do consider myself a water drinker, but it was so, so hard before. I actually go to the fridge now and pick out water because it sounds desirable.


Yes I know, you can’t imagine. Neither would I if you had tried to talk me into it 10 years ago.

So now that you know change can happen and you can learn to like water, let’s get to those tips on how to become a water drinker!

1. Guilt yourself into drinking more water

Yes, I’m serious! That little bit of self-guilt helps..a lot. I started doing this while pregnant. I would feel guilty for obvious reasons. You need water to be healthy and for your baby to be healthy and blah blah blah.

Glass of water

I hated the thought of water and had made it just fine on a strict caffeine only diet so far in life haha. But having a growing infant in my womb, it was easy to guilt myself into drinking at least a water bottle a day.

So if you’re pregnant (or nursing) you have an extra push there lol. Your body and your baby needs you to drink more water. So drink up!

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2. Trick the mind *does voodoo fingers towards you*

Ok what are voodoo fingers? But hopefully you got the same vision I did when you read that lmao. Anyways, I’ve always bought water bottles because they’re easy to grab and easy to chug when needed. Hating water, I always needed it to be ice cold so I kept my water bottles in the fridge.

BUT I don’t just keep them in the fridge (this is where the trick comes in). When I first decided to become a water drinker, I knew I had to do something. So I got the idea to move my sodas to the opposite side of the fridge, and replace that spot with the water bottles.

I keep my fridge pretty organized and my sodas always went on the bottom shelf to the right side. So whenever I was thirsty, I would open the fridge and instantly put my hand towards to bottom right for a soda.

When I would realize it was waters there instead of Dr Pepper, I’d be like ugh crap, but feel guilty enough to go ahead and grab the water bottle.

I would tell myself that now I had to at least finish a bottle of water before I could go back for the soda. So that kind of falls into the guilt trick as well, but remember it’s about tricking the mind!

That’s one way I was able to drink more water. Think of what trick might work for you.

3. Use self discipline

Tricking the mind and guilting yourself works pretty good, but when it fails you – you need to have self discipline as back up. Setting small goals like drinking a bottle of water before your soda is a form of self discipline.

I talk more about how self discipline increases productivity in this blog here, but you might find that one useful for your water drinking journey as well.

If you really want to drink more water, do it. Don’t half ass it. Believe in yourself and make it happen. Water is seriously good for you and as much as we don’t wanna admit it, we really do need it. *shoulder shrugs*

4. Don’t buy just any water

Y’all I’m boujee on a budget ok. I’m a stay at home mom of 3. We live on one income. We live a nice life but we’re not wealthy. I’m pretty tight when it comes to buying groceries and I usually go for the cheaper item.

Whenever I first started buying water, I bought the cheapest brand I could find. I thought all water tasted the same so it didn’t matter. Those more other brands were just more expensive because of the name associated with it.


I said I was boujee on a budget y’all but water is now on my “must buy name brand” list. We all have one, don’t lie. Haha.

My preference is Spring Water. For water bottles I like to grab the Ozarka brand which is about $5 a pack at Walmart. But if you’re not ready to throw $5 at water, the gallon jug of the Walmart brand Spring Water is only $.80 and delicious! Even my 7 year old boy enjoys it!

I buy those jugs frequently because these days I enjoy water in a glass, not just a bottle. I’m also a really big fan of Walmart pickup. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a dream for us moms!

Here’s a code for $10 off your first order to give pick up a try! I promise you’ll come back and thank me later. I’ll never go back to regular shopping! Haha. Don’t forget to add your Spring Water and DRINK MORE WATER!

5. Set small goals for yourself

Use that self discipline I was talking about and tell yourself you’re going to drink one bottle a day. It doesn’t matter if it takes you all day to drink it or if you chug it in 2 minutes.

Make yourself get it down and your body will thank you! Your mind won’t fight the thought of water anymore because it’s a reoccurring, automatic thing. Ya feel me? Set yourself on auto pilot, drink that one bottle of water every morning, and forget about it.

Set a goal to get water only at restaurants. Not only will you drink more water, it’ll save you at least $2-$3 every time you eat out.

6. Add a lemon

A lot of people suggest using those flavor packets or fruit to infuse your water, but that’s just all too fancy for me honestly. I’m a lemon fan and I usually have one on hand so sometimes I’ll add a slice.

This was really helpful in the beginning when I was still dreading that one bottle a day. It would be so easy to put down at dinner time.

Dare I say it was refreshing? *gasp* yes, for someone who hates water, it was refreshing!

These days I typically only add a lemon if I’m out at a restaurant. Especially because you never know if they have that “good water” haha.

Trust me after you started buying the “good water” you’ll know the difference.

Are you feeling thirsty?

Well guys, those are my tricks for how to drink more water. Tell yourself you need it, you’re going to do it, and DO IT.

No more excuses. Buy the good water, put it in a spot where you’ll have to see it and guilt yourself into. Have self discipline and become a more healthy person. Hope these tips have helped!

Come back and tell me later how they work out! Now go drink a glass of water!

Water in a mason jar. How to drink more water

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