The 5 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life.

Why should you want to simplify your life?

That answer isn’t hard to find, right? We’ve all said once or twice before that we wished life was easier. Everyone is going to run into problems now and then, but have you thought about what you could do in your day to day life to make things simpler? Life doesn’t have to be hard. Your life is your life, you are in control. Here’s a few, easy changes to make that will simplify your life and make things easier.

1. Slow down.

I’ve talked about this before in a recent blog on how to live in the present.

We’re always rushing around trying to finish all the things with never enough time in our day. That causes so much stress and anxiety for us.

So stopppp it.

It’s honestly so draining and it’s the first thing you should stop to simplify life.

You don’t have to live life in a rush. Who’s rushing you?

That’s right, you are. Why do that to yourself?

Yes I know, some things do need to be done in a hurry, but not everything. The laundry can wait. If you don’t make it to the grocery store today, that’s ok. Go tomorrow. Slow down.

2. Less social media and screen time

You probably limit screen time for your kids right? But do you limit the amount of time your phone is in your hand?

Greyscale photo of hand holding iPhone

Close the apps. Put the phone down. Don’t touch it for an hour.

Watch how much you get done in that one hour when you completely forget about social media.

You’d probably just be mindlessly scrolling for that hour otherwise.

It also helps with negative thoughts. Too much social media scrolling can lead you to believing your life “isn’t as good as theirs”.

Remember that people only show you the good, fun stuff.

And remember that life on social media only seems more interesting because we aren’t actually living it. It’s someone else’s story.

Imagine how someone else looks at yours.

It’s exciting and fun to watch other people but don’t let that lead to negative thoughts about yourself.

Try to schedule a phone free hour at least once a day. Watch how dramatically things shift.

3. Reminders

White table with Starbucks coffee cup and woman writing in a journal to simplify your life

Read it twice and read it again.


How many times have you said, “I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it” or “I’ll write that in my planner in just a minute.” Only to never write it down and totally forget?

As soon as something important comes up, schedule it on your phones Calendar app. You know your phone is in or near your hand anyways.

I love, love planners but with three kids, I don’t always have time to write reminders down as they pop up.

The calendar in my phone takes almost no time at all. Plus it will give me a heads up a few days before, just by being on the home screen of the control center. No need to set an alarm (unless absolutely necessary).

White table with planner, glasses, paperclip

4. Say No more often

I myself am really bad about this. I hardly ever say no.

Even if it means putting myself in a bind.

Learn to not say yes to things just to make someone else happy. If it’s going to bring you stress and you can avoid it, do so. Don’t be afraid to say no.

And yes, I’m continuing to work on this one myself too.

5. Have a spot for everything

This basically means organize yo life.

Think about if you had a designated spot for keys, backpacks, chargers, and even remotes. Looking for little things like this can take up a big portion of your day and cause you stress.

Organization holder on counter

If you knew exactly where your keys were in the morning, you wouldn’t spent 5 minutes searching for them.

If the kids had a place to walk in and hang their backpacks, you both would know immediately where to go for them.

Chargers and remotes would never be lost.

These simples fixes, like a cute decorative plate for keys, could save you so much time and energy.

So, those aren’t too hard right?

These are just a few of the easy things you can do that will simplify your life.

Hopefully these tips gave you a few more ideas that will make things easier on you.

Until next time, head over to the main blog page and check out some more how to’s.

5 ways to simplify your life

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5 thoughts on “The 5 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life.

  1. These are all great ideas. I love number two…less screen time! It’s hard to do because it can be very seductive. But it’s so important to just walk away from it!

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