When You’re In A Funk. AKA depression.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I sometimes get into a funk. Most people call it depression, but I just call it a funk.

I’m mentally exhausted. I can’t seem to get anything done except lay around and worry about the future or what I’m not getting done. Of course all of that laying around makes me physically tired and tense too. That’s the snowball effect of feeling overwhelmed.

I get behind on dishes and other things around the house and I usually don’t remember when the last time I soaked in a hot bath was.

Baths are a major self care thing for me.

Over time I’ve learned there are a few key things I do from the moment I say to myself that I’m in funk. These steps help pull me out of it.

I’m going to share those tips with you but first, I want you to know that it takes a lot of will power and self discipline that even I still struggle with sometimes.

So don’t get down on yourself if it doesn’t happen so easily the first time you try it. You can do it though.

1. Give yourself a pep talk

Think happy thoughts

“Ok this is the last day of this. Tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start. You got this.”

Take it easy on yourself. Don’t try to snap your fingers and get out of it immediately.

Our minds don’t work that way.

Our brain is a source of energy and it needs to be recharged right? So start with lots positive self talk and finish your day of rest.

Sticking to the pep talk can be hard when you have little ones who need their 30th snack, then a butt wiped, and their toy back from the other sibling. But remember to say as many positive things to yourself as you can.

“You are a bad ass butt wiper. Who else could do this multiple times a day? This is just a season. This overwhelming feeling will pass. You don’t have to do everything at once. Rest.”

The power of positivity is so real. Try it.

2. You need a good nights rest.

Ok, lameeee. That’s what everybody says to do right? But I’m for real and so are they. I stay up late more nights than not, but when I’m at that point of needing to turn my mood around, I’m strict with myself. I try to get to bed as early as I can without laying there on my phone.

Think about this, if you’re feeling tired throughout the day, chances are you might actually need more sleep. I know weird right? So get a good nights rest (or try to at least) and wake up at your normal time… which I’m assuming is at the ass crack of dawn since you’re on a mommy blog. So cool, we’re on the same schedule!

3. Wake up with some stretches.

I’m not an athletic person at all. Like AT ALL. Health and fitness does not fit into my about me any where whatsoever. But after my morning coffee, once I’m really awake, I like to do a few stretches.

I’m talking about some very basic moves to get the blood pumping. I do a few stretches like touching my toes, stretch my neck and back, MAYBE even a squat or two haha. But that’s when I’m feeling really crazy and energized.

I’m telling you though this is something that really helps me feel more awake instead of the usual I’m alive because of the coffee awake.

Simply begin

4. Start your normal routine, even if you have to force yourself.

What do you normally do? On any day that you’re not in a funk how would it start? That’s what you have to wake up and do. For me it’s wake up, start my coffee, and start unloading the dishwasher. Totally easy right? Well not when you’ve been in a funk for 3 days.

But I force it. Because it forces me to get back on schedule and get my mind back into the present. I told ya, lot of self discipline has to be goin’ on!

5. Listen to your music. Not that baby shark stuff.

I don’t care if you have to take a kid free drive up to the gas station for a chocolate bar. Listen to 2-3 of your favorite songs as loud as you can. Choose songs that are from your music playlist and not part of a lullaby or nursery rhyme.

Doing this reminds me that I’m somebody else other than just mama. I can jam out to my favorite songs without any interruptions. It takes less than 10 minutes to do this but can make all the difference in the world.

6. Ask for help when you start feeling overwhelmed

This is something that I’m not good at but I’m going to share it anyways because it’s important and I actually need more accountability to do it.

When you’re at the point of realizing you’re feeling overwhelmed, in a funk, and need to come out of it, reach out to your spouse, mom, friend, or anyone else who can help. I personally don’t like to ask to for help because I dont want to feel like a burden. But that’s something I’m learning to change because our feelings are not burdens. We deserve as much help as we give others.

Sometimes our loved ones might not even notice the dishes are piled up because of something going on with you and you just need to say “hey, I’m having a moment here and I need a little break or just some extra hands.”

I do have times where housework is not my priority at all and my hubby totally agrees with me on that and doesn’t care, so if I’m behind on dishes, he might not think anything of it. And plus I think I’m good at faking being ok on the outside. I could be totally wrong but usually nobody notices until I finally blow up. And I blow up when I skip this step and don’t ask for help before my boiling point.

So don’t be like me and say something before there’s no turning back.

7. Remember that you are a rockstar. 

So to recap, you realize you’re feeling overwhelmed, you decide to change it, you sleep a few extra hours, stretch and start your routine, jam out, and ask for extra help when you need it.

That is exactly how you pull yourself out of a funk. The more you practice this, the less often these times will happen and they’ll become shorter in duration. But remember to start slow, you don’t have to do everything at once. You can do this mama.

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