My Tips For Breastfeeding In Public In A Discreet Way.

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Breastfeeding in public

When people think of breastfeeding in public, some tend to think of boobs out in the open for everyone to see. But it’s not like that. If that’s not how you wanna roll, it doesn’t have to be. There is a way to feed your baby in a public setting while being discreet at the same time. Here are my tips for breastfeeding in public.

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The first step is to overcome the fear of opinions

It can be nerve wracking when you’re out in public and your baby starts to cry. Especially when you know the ONLY thing they want is boob.

You could go to the car and sit alone in the AC, which hey, could be a great excuse to get away for a minute (so use it if you need it) but you could save yourself a trip and nurse right then and there without causing a distraction. And without missing anything that’s going on.

But, if you’re anything like me you’re probably worried about getting judgy looks and stares if you whip out a boob in a public place. And you probably don’t want the world seeing your goods. I personally have never witnessed anyone staring at me or “judging” me while nursing in public but it was a huge fear of mine.

I see posts all the time from women who’ve had obnoxious people say obnoxiously rude things to them about nursing in public. Honestly sometimes I question if the post is even real because like who says these things?!

But unfortunately, there are people like that who have a really hard time knowing when  to not speak out loud. Like come on y’all, feeding babies with boobs is NOT a new thing. Get used to it already people!

Quote about opinions

These are worries you need to overcome though.

You can’t let other people’s opinions influence your own. If feeding your baby wherever you are is something that you are comfortable with, then feed yo baby sista!

It honestly took me a while to finally try nursing in public. If I remember right, the very first time was at Chick Fil A. I was having lunch with my mom, grandma, and great grandma. I think I felt confident enough to do it then because both my grandmothers had nursed and I knew if anyone did have the nerve to say anything, I had backup times three haha. So I suggest trying it the first few times when you’re around supportive people!

So, now that I’ve breastfed in public a bagillion times since then, here are my top tips to make it easier.

Tip #1 : Learn the Two Shirt Method

In public I use what is called, ‘The Two-Shirt method’. Its when you wear a tank top under your T-shirt or blouse so whenever you lift up your top, your belly and everything else is covered by the tank top.

It keeps everything very well covered and you see almost no skin usually. I’m smaller chested so there is less to hide, but I know plenty of big chested mamas who like this method as well.

Two shirt method Photo credit to Sarah Bruss

Tip #2 – Use the Bathroom

No silly, don’t sit and nurse on the toilet. I mean just step inside the restroom by the door and get baby latched on good. We did this more in the early stages when we were still getting the hang of finding the nipple and latching. It was so much easier than trying to keep covered but latch her at the same time. Then once situated, I’d walk back out to wherever I was.

Tip #3 – Have an Alternative Cover

If you and baby don’t like to use a cover, try using a burp cloth for more privacy if you’d like. I would put the burp cloth on top of my boob and chest area just to hide a little bit more. We see moms all the time with cloths on their shoulder so no one will think anything of it being right there.

A rolled or folded up swaddle blanket is good too. My girl never liked her face covered so I always just used the blanket like these or burp cloth to cover any exposed skin and to have close just in case she decided to pop off and expose me to the world lol.

Tip #4 – Don’t Look Em in the Eye

Avoid eye contact with strangers. If you don’t know how someone will react, don’t look at them and you won’t see their reaction, IF they notice. Like in tip #2 if I was walking back to my Chick Fil A table after getting situated, I would keep looking straight ahead to where I was going and avoid scanning the room.

But if I’m talking to my girl friend or a family member, I’ll just keep talking and maintain eye contact as best as possible. If you don’t interrupt the conversation, no one will notice what you’re doing. Usually though, you know those people are totally cool with you feeding your kid anyways. So it’s easier to keep the conversation flowing and not worry about getting a weird response.

Tip #5 – Buy Nursing Friendly Tops

Breastfeeding mom quotes

Make sure your outfit is always nursing friendly. I can’t tell you how many times I would leave the house in something super cute but then later realize I had to get completely undressed to feed my baby. It’s the reason why my wardrobe consists of tank tops and t shirts these days.

But seriously, before you decide on wearing an outfit, double check that you can get a boob out of it first. You’ll thank me later!

Tip #6 – Have Confidence

The most important tip of all is to be confident. You are giving your baby the best of the best and the comfort they want. Don’t let some Negative Nancy who may or may not be around stop you from doing what you need to do. It is legal in all 50 states to feed your baby in any public place. So keep that in mind and nurse on mama!

For now, those are all for my top tips for breastfeeding in public. To read more general breastfeeding tips, head over to my post here. If you have a tip you’d like to share with us, please comment it below! 

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