Can Moms Complain About Being A Mom?

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Ok, that title was just to get you in here. HELL YES we can complain! Being a mom is hard.

So can we talk for a minute about how hard mommin’ really is!? Gahh. And it’s like sometimes you wanna complain out loud but then you’re like who the hell wants to listen to a mom complain about well, being a mom?

But then again, when did we learn that it’s not ok to complain? It’s ok to have normal feelings and let them out every once in a while. Being a mom is hard and you shouldn’t ever feel alone in your struggles  

Raising kids is like a walk in the park, Jurassic Park - being a mom

I’ve got good news for you mom

This is exactly the place you need to be! A place to freely complain (or say “mhm, yas girl” in your head) and let your frustrations out in a judgement free zone because we (me and everyone else who reads this mom blog) know exactly what you mean.

We love our kids so freaking hard and sometimes we just wanna squeeze their little guts out to release some of that magnetic energy of love into them. (Disclaimer: do not actually squeeze their guts out)

And then other times we want to lock ourselves in the bathroom or run away to Target far away from them.

People who aren’t moms don’t realize what an hour break can do for our mental health. Like getting to breathe without 3 different conversations going on at one time for A WHOLE HOUR?! Holy hell. That’s equivalent to a week long vacation in a non parents life.

Your relationship with your kids is just like a relationship with anyone else in your life.

You get sick of em when you’re around them too much! Even husbands and wives need quality time away from one another. It’s healthy. Couples who say they could be together 24/7 without getting annoyed with each other are liars.

Lol ok just kidding didn’t mean to call anyone a liar but fo real sis, you mean to tell me there’s not ANYTHING that drives you crazy about your husband after a while? You lucky dog.

I always think back to when I was a teenager. Do you remember during summer time when you and your bestie would stay together for 2 weeks straight and by the end of that 2 weeks you started to get annoyed with every thing they did?

It’s great always getting to be with the person you have the most fun with, all the time. But sometimes you just have to be alone. It gives you time to think your OWN thoughts and handle your needs before anyone else’s. And plus it gives you time to miss someone.

So don’t feel bad about needing a break!

Being a mom is the hardest job there is. Period. I know we don’t always feel like we get the recognition we deserve but that’s why we have to make sure we’re giving it to ourselves as often as we need it.

I talk more about that and feeling like an unappreciated stay at home mom here.

Do you ever remember to sit back and think about how freaking awesome you are?

Look at everything you get done in a day. YOU keep everybody alive and going. You keep the wheels in motion, you are a badass domestic engineer. Go ahead and give yourself a hell yeah and round of applause.

After you think about how awesome you are, you’ll realize that YES, you are allowed to be tired and YES you do deserve a break. You are only human and we require rest, both physically and mentally.

On days when things are getting tough and you’re feeling overwhelmed, breathe in, let it out, and talk positively to yourself like I talk about here. Go sit alone in the bathroom for 2 minutes or for however long of a breather you need.

It’s ok to set the kids up with some snacks and the tv to take a 5 minute break when you need it. It’s better to remove yourself from the situation for a moment than it is to sit there and become even more anxious.

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And the great thing is, you don’t have to tell anyone about it so you don’t have to feel guilty about it. WE don’t blame you girl. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to “go poop” just so I could catch my breath and calm down.

Being a mom

Motherhood is an amazing, draining, fulfilling, funny thing. We all mom in different ways but we all still have the same job. Each of us go through the same overwhelming feelings.

So the next time you feel alone, reach out to the first mom friend you think of. I bet you she’ll know exactly what you’re going through.

Remember that being a mom is hard. Remember that you are allowed to complain. You are still a good mom. Take care of yourself beautiful. 

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