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8 Simple Steps To Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

If you’re anything like me you clean your kitchen everyday but deep cleaning your kitchen only happens every once in a while. I’ve broken down deep cleaning your kitchen into a few simple steps. So you don’t have to look at it as a big job anymore! Once you break it down, deep cleanings will happen more and more often. Here’s how to get motivated to deep clean yo kitchen!

Rather than having a strict cleaning schedule to stick to, I just let it happen when it happens. That way I’m much more motivated to get it done. I usually get the urge late at night when everyone else is asleep.

That’s my favorite time to deep clean because I can do it in the peace and quiet of my own thoughts. Plus it gets done much quicker without the family interruptions lol. If you typically spend time in your head feeling overwhelmed with your to do list, read my blog on how to avoid that here.

As a mom, I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. So I like it to be as clean as possible – as often as possible. I follow this exact same routine every time so hopefully these tips help you as well! 

Steps to deep cleaning your kitchen

Do the dishes

I always start with the dishes because how else will you be able to get anything done with all of those in the way? I make sure to walk around the living room and dining area to grab any left behind before I start.

Whether you hand wash or use a dishwasher, start with the dishes. I use the dishwasher and if any are left in the sink after filling it up, I hand wash those.

Remember though, that’s only when I’m deep cleaning lol. On normal nights those extra dishes just sit in the sink until the next morning. Ain’t nobody got time for that every night.

Your counter space

The first thing I do on the counters is put up any seasonings that need to go inside of a cabinet or pantry. I also put away things that don’t belong in the kitchen like clothes, toys, and all the other crap my kids have brought in throughout the day.

When that’s done, I move anything that does belong on the countertop from one side to the other. Then, I spray the empty side down with Lysol cleaning spray and wipe down.

Afterwards I go over it again with Thieves cleaning spray and wipe it down. That’s how I like to roll. Repeat this section by section until all countertops are wiped clean.

The stovetop and oven

I have an electric coil stove top so I remove the burners and drip pans before I spray it down to wipe clean. Using the same process as the countertop, I wipe it clean from the top down to the bottom of the front of the oven.

I typically don’t clean the inside of my oven but this is something I’m trying to make a habit of. It hasn’t ever been on my priority list unless I’ve made a huge mess and HAD to clean it. Don’t judge me haha. But by all means – insert cleaning your oven here if you choose to do so!

The dishwasher

If you have one, wipe down the front of it. Don’t forget the buttons and handle! I also open it up to wipe all around the edge of it, and clean the filter. Here’s a good article on how to clean the inside of your dishwasher if you’ve never done it before.

The Fridge

What do you call it? Refrigerator, fridge, or ice box? Either way, it’s gotta be cleaned!

A clean, organized fridge is probably my most favorite thing ever. I use this time to throw out any expired or almost empty condiments. Don’t forget to check leftover containers.

I take everything out and give the shelves a good wipe down. Then I put everything back by categories and organize each shelf. By the time you’re done you’ll be wanting to take a picture of your pretty, organized fridge.

The organization doesn’t last long though with 4 other people in the house. But at least I get to admire it for 5 minutes.

Sweep the floor

Always remember to do this AFTER you’ve wiped the countertops off. Otherwise you’ll wipe all those crumbs down to a freshly swept floor. And that’s just annoying as all get out.

The Cabinets

Spray and wipe down all the cabinets. I start with the top cabinets and then move to the lower ones. I do this after sweeping so I’m not sitting on a dirty floor.

Make sure you open them up and get the inside of the doors too, especially on the lower shelves. Lots of spills happen and we usually don’t realize when they hit the inside of the cabinets.

Mop the floor

After everything is wiped down, put away, and swept up, it’s time to mop up the dirt and any left behind messes. Freshly mopped floors are super important when deep cleaning your kitchen.

The floors look shiny and brand new plus it leaves a fresh scent behind. And if you do this at night, no tiny feet come in right away and track more dirt in 😜

The finishing touches

Here are just a few more finishing touches before you leave the room that will make it perfect.

  • Wipe down any appliances that sit out. Like your coffee maker, toaster, paper towel holder, and anything else that could use it.
  • Put up any hand washed dishes that have been drying
  • Go back and do another quick, dry wipe down of the counters. Just to be sure 😉
  • Light a candle or add a new scentsy cube. But if you’re doing this at night like I usually am, a candle’s probably not the best idea lol.

Now turn off the light, go take a bath, wind down, enjoy some guilt free laziness, or go to sleep! Treat yo self.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for deep cleaning your kitchen. If you put my routine to the test, let me know how you like it! Till next time y’all, peace out ✌🏻

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