When You’re Doubting Your Abilities As A Mom.

A mom always worries right? It’s what we do. It’s like our super power. We usually worry about the well-being of our kids but do you ever worry if you’re a good enough mom? I think we all worry from time to time that we’re not good enough. So I’m going to share my secret on how to stop those worries.

From the time we find out about the pregnancy, all of these doubts run through our minds. Like, “holy crap can I do this? Am I cut out to be a mom? Can I really handle a kid? Three kids?!”

how to be a good mom

And then after those long 9 months, when you’re first holding your baby in your arms, all of those worries fade away.

You realize that you are their person.

Everything you are is perfect for this little human. You wonder how you ever lived without them.

You know all of those worries were so ridiculous.

But then once you leave the hospital new worries start.

You worry about how often they’re eating, if they’re pooping enough, or if we’re holding them too much…maybe not enough?

Once they’re older the worries just keep going, “Did I play with them enough, did I give them enough attention today? Maybe I shouldn’t of reacted this way whenever he did that.”

Trust me when I say you are not alone with your mom guilt.

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But why are we worrying ourselves to death wondering if we’re doing a good enough job?

I think that our minds are easily focused on the negatives and the what ifs.

We tend to forget about all the good things that happened throughout the day and all the triumphs that we had.

All of those little pieces of your day are the reminders that you do know what you’re doing. You’re just learning as you’re going like the rest of us.

What if once those negative thoughts and worries came to your mind, you switched them around and started thinking of all of the ways you did everything right?

Celebrate even the smallest victories like feeding them breakfast. Because sometimes, that’s a chore in its self lol.

Note to self : I am doing the best I can for my children and it is enough

Now I know being positive is not always that easy.

Of course there are going to be really hard days.

Days when you just feel like a complete failure, totally exhausted, and ready to quit.

But, this is motherhood. There is no quitting.

Have your rough days, feel the emotions, and then release them. Don’t cling to the hard parts.

God gave you your babes for a reason. You are the perfect parent for them.

Think of those sweet faces and remember that you are raising them to be the best they can be.

Remember that your kids are just kids and they’re also learning as they’re going.

Remember that you are their safe place. So when they’re acting out for you, it’s only because they’re comfortable with you.

You are doing a great job no matter what your parenting style is.

When you have your moments of doubt, remember to flip your thoughts around to positive ones.

Remember that the only thing keeping those negative worries in your mind is you.

Know that you WILL be better tomorrow because you just got in another day of practice.

Remind yourself that you are a kick ass mom and then go treat yourself to something like that chocolate you’ve been waiting for.

And stop worrying so much.

THAT is how you be a good mom.

Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled. They are the ones that never gave up despite their struggles

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